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Looking for friends & fitness?

With our new social fitness app we'll connect you with people who share the same interests and hobbies. Making your healthy adventure more sociable and fun.

Over 100 Sports & Activities

We want everyone to feel welcome, whether your enjoy chess or kickboxing we've got you covered. If you don't see your passion then let us know, your passion is our passion!


Just import your profile using Facebook or create an account
Choose your hobbies and sports
Refine your search criteria
You'll be shown users that match your specifications
Anonymously choose which people you'd like know more about
If you both match up you can now discuss your hobby, organise an event, or boast about your skill levels

Weight Loss or Gains

Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, you'll find somebody looking to take the same journey with our app. Share the journey and have a friend to keep you in check when you start slacking!

You are not alone

Travelling or moving to a new city? It can be daunting on your own. So why not use Train With Me to find like minded people around who have experience in your location. They'll recommend the best places to train or just be new friends.

Skill level

Want to try a new sport but don't know where to start. Use our app to find others who've got a bit of experience and can pass on their knowledge. We've all got to start somewhere, so start today.


Got a big event coming up, haven't started training yet? Maybe its charity mud run or cycle, either way it's a big deal and you’d best complete it! Find people signed up for the same or similar events through our app, they'll be sure to drag you out to train!